Simplified Insurance Policy Administration and Management System (iPams) Solutions

iPams is the new approach to the conventional insurance policy administration and management system. iPams is the insurance software benefitting  clients with  modular policy admin system and insurance policy admin software. It specifically helps you streamline your relationship with the policyholder. iPams covers the entire policy management cycle from the prospect and underwrite services to  premium collection, claims, and exit.

What makes iPams unique and on its own is its broker management system, built-in document management system, and general ledger system. Being a browser-based application, iPams promises easy installation and maintenance with zero foot print. With its straight-thru processing capabilities, it allows organizations to cut down human intervention and deal with volume business in less time.

iPams caters for the following products:

  • Tax-free saving plans
  • Healthcare for Expats
  • Income Protection
  • Cash Plan
  • Travel Cover
  • Accident Protection
  • Bespoke Product Creation

Product Creation:

Production creation and management becomes simple with iPams. The standard control allows companies to build and launch new products from a wide variety of available options (rules).


Claim Management:

The Claims module allows you to register and administer all the claims, of all types, against a policy via its expert insurance claims management system. The workflow system efficiently manages the process and handling the claims. The module helps you with benefits payment, fraud management, and premium collections.


Premium Collection:

iPams supports payment collection from various methods such as standing order, cheque, cash, payroll and credit cards. Today’s CFOs choose iPams for its automatic premium collection, posting and reconciliation features held within its insurance premium collection system.


Customer Management:

This module makes user account management a lot easier in a real-time environment. The Customer management module maintains the personal details, employment and income details, bank account details, marketing communication preferences, assignees, trustees, nominee and power of attorney. All the changes made have a complete audit trail.


Correspondence with Compliance:

This module integrates the entire correspondence repository and is connected with the Compliance module. The module approves and monitors the entire contents of all correspondence.


Partner Management & Commission Pay-outs:

iPams offers an integrated module so that all the external partners inclusive of IFAs and Re-assurors create and manage the collaboration.

Brokers –iPams management section takes care of the daily Broker administration. It maintains the full portfolio, keeping track of all the business and the financial information.

Reassurance –iPams maintains a complete database of registered and preferred re-assurors. Every company is thoroughly evaluated and their relevant scoring is attached.

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