ITSec presents you with an amazing, exclusive feature: Enquiry Management System (EMS). It is a web-based computer application which keeps the entire regime of enquiry handling streamlined. All enquiries coming from all channels, be it from a direct source, field sales, website, partners or coupons, enter into a single database giving you the ‘one view’ of the prospect/customer. You can easily consolidate enquiries under a single account which may have been accumulated over the years.

Any type of correspondence, such as emails and letters are automatically generated and stored within the customer file for quick access, history and audit. Streamlining and dispatching the tasks by management is extremely easy by setting up various rules.

EMS offers you ready to use campaign management tools allowing marketers to setup pilot campaigns for several distribution channels. The built-in reporting system provides real-time data empowering your data base and facilitating you with quick decision making time and adjustments for different positions.


  • Prospect/Customer centric view
  • Personal detail management de-dupe facility
  • Address management and history with address lookup
  • Contact management and history
  • Email and snail mail facility
  • Single click letter generation for all prospects, all campaign and all products.
  • Easy and effective follow up with automated and semi-automated routines
  • Microsoft word based templates
  • Microsoft word based letters
  • Bulk printing to a printer or to an external file
  • Campaign management, measurement and effectiveness monitoring
  • Media, affinity (partner) management
  • Best tool for measuring effectiveness of a campaign
  • Multi-product
  • Applicable to all business

Technical features:

  • Intuitive user-friendly interface
  • No software to install
  • No hardware to maintain other than your own PC
  • Multi-user with various role

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