iPams™ -Features & Benefits

Key Features:

  • Contact management module
  • Premium collection via a number of method of payments, including Direct Debit, Standing Order, Cheque/Cash and Cards. Built-in Document Management capabilities for incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Claims and payments module
  • General Ledger accounts
  • Broker Management
  • Account Statements
  • Bonus statements
  • Evaluation reports
  • Product Administration
  • Template management
  • Marketing extracts
  • Browser based application with true zero-foot print installation
  • Built on Microsoft platform using .NET and SQL
  • Easily setup for Disaster Recovery situations


  • Created especially for the Insurance industry in the UK.
  • Makes it easy and quick to launch new and unique insurance products.
  • Easy to learn, no lengthy training required. Modular system that allows purchasing of individual components.
  • Can be integrated easily into your existing financial accounting packages such as SAPT™ SAGET™ or SUNT™.
  • Can be easily integrated with iPams™ (by ITSec) to sell insurance products online.
  • Browser based technology means faster deployment, centralised support and platform independence, which means that users can access iPams™ from any platform regardless of their operating system. Straight-through processes requiring no or minimal user input.
  • Complete and semi automatic Underwriting.

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