iSafe™ – Features & Benefits

Key Features:

  • Showroom of your products and services
  • Sales and Marketing Channel
  • Spread the News with one click
  • B2B and B2C delivery channel (i.e. Consumers & IFAs)
  • Customer Services Channel
  • Control Centre for Administration
  • With iSafe™ your new customers transact their business in one visit without the need to contact any of your staff directly.
  • Your customer’s profile is retained so that at subsequent visits they will be greeted with opportunities that are of particular interest to them.
  • iSafe™ manages transactions in a straight-through process (STP) by sending off valid applications to the appropriate staff for completion.
  • Applications that have failed can be investigated. The customer can be contacted to see if they need help, thus further increasing business opportunities. Marketing data is extracted in an electronic form to highlight trends and possible weaknesses in the product lines
  • iSafe™ is a modular system so you only have to buy what you need and it can be tailored to reflect your look and feel.

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